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Specializing in simulation for training purposes.

We take the talking of training and turn it into the doing of training. Your employees practice skills “in the moment” with professional actors. They practice what you teach.

We take care of the scripting, casting, administration, and simulation of your training event, and provide your organization with a personalized, experiential, and memorable training experience.

Our acting team is skilled to give specific feedback to participants; a rare opportunity to get inside a client’s head and find out how the interacting impacted them.

We are especially designed to roleplay high stakes, impassioned scenarios for employees in health care, defense, first responders, and law enforcement. Our actors embody the most traumatic, emotionally searing scenarios from your world with excellence and depth.

About InPractice role playing training for corporate employees in Halifax NS

Our Practice

Practice makes perfect.

Writer Malcolm Gladwell proposes that it takes ten thousand hours of practice to become an expert at anything. Specializing in conflictual and emotional workplace experiences, we offer your employees a chance to practice effective communication in a safe environment, before having to tackle the same difficult situations in the real world. You want your employees to be skilled and confident in their work. We believe real practice is the best way to get there.

Our Expertise

Most organizations would agree that roleplay is an impactful and memorable way to learn skills. Unfortunately, many of them do not grasp the limitations of “in house” simulations, while overlooking the power of using real actors.

Simply put, your employees know their jobs, and our actors know theirs. The trappings of in house simulation include: weak engagement, conflicting inter-professional dynamics, “unreal” performance, and lack of honesty in feedback.

Our actors are experts in simulation, in improvisation, in performance, and in feedback.

The power of simulation with REAL ACTORS will surprise you. There will be insights, unknowns, tensions, emotions, and discoveries. Just like in real life. Most of all, your learners will be completely engaged. They will not forget the learning. They become the learning.

inPractice. Moving simulated training from mediocre to masterful.

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