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Kevin Reade Diversity Educator with InPractice Role Play services for employee corporate training

Kevin Reade

Kevin is in his 26th year with the Halifax Regional Fire Service at the rank of Captain. He became a diversity educator after attending the National Multicultural Institute in Washington. In his native Halifax, he designed and delivered dynamic cultural awareness training sessions. After three years of offering these workshops to all levels of the fire service, he branched out to the not for profit and private sector with his business Perspective Consulting. In addition to education and firefighting, Kevin is an sought after expert in restorative justice, having facilitated community based cases as well as the highly public case with Dalhousie School of Dentistry. A compassionate and charismatic leader, Kevin bravely piloted one of the biggest workplace human rights case in Canada, regarding systemic racism and discrimination in the Halifax Fire Department. Led by the document the Struggle for Acceptance, this action was resolved through a restorative process prompting union, management, and the Halifax Association of Black Firefighters to co-operatively accept directives promoting a respectful workplace.

Kevin currently resides in Halifax’s north end with his wife and three beautiful children. A consumate athlete, he has championed the role of sport in children’s lives through many volunteer sports activities. He received the mayor’s volunteer award for outstanding contribution to youth sport in his community.

Nadya-Lyse Paré Diversity Educator with InPractice Role Play services for employee corporate training

Nadya-Lyse Paré

Nadya-Lyse is an entrepreneur, a mother, a leader and an educator. She came from a not so typical French-Canadian family and has traveled the world learning new cultures and languages. She has spent the last 25 years fighting fires, (literally and figuratively), and has become a fierce advocate for workplace respect and rights. When she herself faced discrimination in the workplace, she took interest in learning more about the diversity of humans, (‘real history’), and how it affects us, our personal biases, and societal conditioning . She continues her journey of learning through her diversity workshops which are current and fluid, and customized to her clients’ needs. Nadya-Lyse’s common sense and kind approach leaves no room for nonsense or disrespect. She respectfully challenges participants to accept and reconcile their personal biases. There is a place for humour, understanding, awkwardness, and error in her workshops. She has studied sociology at MSVU, is a certified diversity professional through DTUI and has studied throughout the United States and Canada. She has been creating and facilitating workshops for aproximately 15 years and is a respected motivational speaker. Nadya-Lyse has partnered with Kevin Reade and together they offer some of the best training in the market.

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