Karen Bassett


Project Description


The Professional
Karen Bassett has been simulating for a long time. A few decades in fact. She is a professional performer whose acting work has taken her to theatres across the country and all the way around the world, to Iran and Fiji. She is a playwright, nominated for two theatre awards and produced across Canada. She is a facilitator who has managed projects for government, not for profits, corporations, and schools. And between those jobs she has simulated a lot of roleplays for a lot ot different organizations for a lot of different trainings. And after twenty years as writer, simulator, and project leader she has come to one conclusion.

She can do simulation better.
Better designed. Better managed. Better integrated.

Using her experience, she can provide a comprehensive simulated event that hits the target– of professionalism, of training objectives, and of measurable impact. Karen’s professional associations include, ACTRA, and the Playwright’s Atlantic Resource Centre. She is the Atlantic Councillor for the Canadian Actor’s Equity Association. She has built a reputation of artistic excellence and integrity in her professional community.

The Personal
Karen is a fiercely proud Atlantic Canadian who went to elementary school in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and moved to Halifax at the age of ten. She lives in Halifax’s north end with her husband, Captain Kevin Reade and their three children, and is an engaged volunteer in her children’s classrooms. Karen is creative and positively minded to the core, believing that limitations make innovations, and that a “ No” simply means a “Yes” to something else.

Celebrity Shine
Karen appeared alongside Ellen Page in an international commercial. She has given acting tips to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, and has sword fought Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (She let him win.)


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